Regional Food Bank

965 Albany-Shaker Road
Latham, NY 12110
Ph: 518-786-3691
Fx: 518-786-3004


Mark Quandt
Executive Director
Ext. 222

Tracey Martin
Associate Director
Ext. 227


Renee Law
Director of Finance
Ext. 226

Mark Anspacher
Finance/IT Coordinator
Ext. 229

Elle Episcopo
Staff Accountant
Ext. 244

Cassandra Graven
Payroll & Benefits Administrator
Ext. 267

Ellen Mayo
Accounts Receivable Coordinator
Ext. 228

Deanna Witbeck
Accounting Manager
Ext. 230

Children’s Programs

Betsy Dickson
Director of Children’s Programs
Ext. 233

Kassandra Martinchek
Child Hunger Corps Member
Ext. 292


Caitlyn Krug
Director of Development
Ext. 232

Sarah LaBella
Special Events Coordinator
Ext. 249

Bethany Moxey
Communications Manager
Ext. 231

Jessica Tanner
Special Events Coordinator
Ext. 295

Mollie Grow
Development Associate
Ext. 287

Farm Operations

Mark Weinheimer
Farm Manager

Laura Martin
Assistant Farm Manager

Farm CSA

Robert Baker
Manager of Farm Projects and Food Drives
Ext. 296

Food Sourcing

Joanne Dwyer
Director of Food Industry Relations
& Business Development Representative
Ext. 223

Robert Baker
Farm and Food Sourcing Project Coordinator
Ext. 296

Rondi Edmonson
Retail Store Donation Program Coordinator
Ext. 262

Khali Coulter
Food Industry Relations Coordinator
Ext. 286

Member Services

Sue Lintner
Director of Agency & Program Services
Ext. 224

Cheyenne Bratton
Agency & Program Services Coordinator
Ext. 259

Colleen Bryar
Agency Services Manager
Ext. 237

Kerry Leary
Nutrition Resource Manager
Ext. 260

Mary Rainey
Agency Services Representative
Ext. 236

Kristyn Bopp
JSY Nutrition Educator
Ext. 225

Order Entry

Carmen Bivens
Order Clerk
Ext. 239 or

Eileen Julian
Order Clerk
Ext. 238 or

Support Services

Kathy Hayes
Administrative Assistant

Volunteer Department

Rich Mattice
Volunteer Coordinator
Ext. 263 or

Mary Mazur
Volunteer Coordinator
Ext. 234 or

Ellie Zehnder
Volunteer Coordinator
Ext. 268 or

Elizabeth Gifford
Volunteer Coordinator or

Warehouse Operations

Joel Winkler
Director of Warehouse Operations
Ext. 241 & 250

Joan Cerniglia
Administrative Assistant to the Director of Warehouse Operations
Ext. 245

Shane Clute
Transportation Manager
Ext. 246

Debbie Gundrum
Warehouse Administrative Assistant
Ext. 297

Doug Swartwood
Traffic Manager